engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

What would you change?

That's the question we ask ourselves everyday.

Could things be done better? More efficiently? More beautifully?

How can we Play with what we have to make something...more?

We take the city, look for opportunities, apply some innovations, and tell the stories we want to make reality.

Most of all though we build platforms through which you write the next chapter.

We all have the privilege of leaving our fingerprints on the world - no matter how small. Using design thinking and intelligent, thoughtful interventions as a catalyst for engagement and community building, we aim to build dynamic, forward-thinking urban environments that infuse the city with energy, and joy.

Play is a niche property development company operating at the forefront of the culturally-driven urban transformation taking place in Johannesburg - creating unique, aspirational environments that use space to connect  people with people, transforming space into place.

It's the city made fun, made beautiful, made good.